Premium Cold Brew Blend

  • Premium Cold Brew Blend
  • Premium Cold Brew Blend
Estate Name:
Roast Type:
Vienna Roast
Net Weight:
250 gms
Product Description:

A Medium-bodied, low acidity blend, crafted to extract a smooth flavourful brew. Recommended be to had on the rocks or with a hint of condensed milk!

Sourced fresh & direct from the Coffee Mechanics premium farms

  • Farms: Srilakshmi Estate, Kuttinkhan Estate & Bhadrapura Estate
  • Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka
  • Coffee Species: 100% Arabica
  • Coffee Varietal: Sl. 795, Sl. No 9, Hemavathi
  • Post-Harvest Process: Combination Fermented, Washed & Naturals.
  • Elevation: 3,300 - 4,200 ft a.m.s.l.
  • Tasting Notes: Caramel, Dark Chocolate with Buttery Finish