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The Art of Coffee Engineering

The one thing that the team resonates is quality. Delicious coffee does not happen by chance. A perfect cup means well fostered plants, selectively picked berries, meticulous post-harvest processing, well-crafted roast, then brewed perfectly. Hence, the name 'mechanics of coffee' which Coffee Mechanics is dedicated to.

180 years of coffee farming has taught us that delicious coffee takes serious commitment. We apply this learning to every step of the process - the growing, the roasting & the brewing. Our coffees are shade grown, selectively picked, sun-dried, roasted in small batches & traceable to origin; making it as accessible to the discerning aficionado as it is to the mildly curious. We curate our entire selection of coffees.


Ganga Prabhakar comes from a long lineage of passionate coffee growers, over 180 years to be precise. After years of working in Branding and Advertising, she decided to finally pursue that spark of inspiration that was always rolling around in her mind. She then proceeded to quit her job to follow her entrepreneurial dream and the coffee learning trail. Taking her baby steps into business with coffee tourism, curated hand crafted delicacies, she has also attended several workshops, training sessions in her pursuit of coffee perfection.

Mithun Rebello

Mithun Rebello, comes from the coffee farming line, has experience in multiple start-ups including real estate, technology & e-commerce. He has always had the vision to take the coffee background to the next level. Hence, his involvement in the Coffee Mechanics. His love for coffee has driven him to trying coffee from all over the world in his pursuit to discover the various tasting notes. He is infamous for wanting to get into the technical details with the roasters in this group.


Pavan Hanbal comes from a family of coffee growers and is an Electronics engineer by profession. Following his love for trees, plantation, science, automation and of course, endless supply of coffee; he decided Coffee is always a good idea! With outstanding olfactory senses, he doubles as our master taster. Adorned in calm and exceptional interpersonal skills, the engineer makes getting through the difficult day seamless.


Mihir Rebello comes from a vast heritage of coffee growers, which prompted him to follow his true inspiration of specialty coffee. This lingering desire was then pursued by saying goodbye to his architecture profession, and to start attending coffee workshops, seminars, training sessions and has even completed a masters degree in coffee economics at the "Ernesto Illy foundation" in Trieste, Italy. We are quite chuffed to call him a Coffee Mechanic.